Why We Love Deep Saxony Carpets

At Luxury Flooring, we’ve always got our finger on the pulse. In order to remain dedicated to providing the best flooring solutions, we keep one an eye on the latest and greatest trends, and the other on the highest quality products. After countless hours of research and planning, we’re proud to announce that a brand-new range of stunning carpets are now available from our website

Amongst our expertly curated selection, there’s one style of carpet that has been making us particularly excited…

When you picture carpet, chances are you’re thinking of welcoming textures meeting the bottoms of your feet. The classic look of soft woven fabric is in the mind’s eye of homeowners everywhere, evoking feelings of warmth and comfort without fail. You may not realise it, but you’ve been visualising deep saxony carpets.

Deep saxony carpets are one of our all-time favourite types of flooring, so we couldn’t be happier to bring them into the flock! With exceptionally plush pile and dimensional stability to match, deep saxony carpets are always a truly elegant addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways alike. Alongside becoming the envy of your guests and neighbours, this choice of flooring has an abundance of additional benefits. Here are just a few to get you feeling as excited as we do:

Everyone is familiar with the nostalgic feeling of running their feet over carpet fabric, and to their amazement, watching the yarn change shade. This is an iconic characteristic of the straight cut pile of deep saxony carpets. The dense, even surface has remained a fashionable statement for generations, and can be seen in homes across the country. There’s good reason for their popularity. Their appearance is the epitome of class, and has stood up to the test of time. You can rest assured that the timeless elegance of deep saxony carpets won’t ever leave your house feeling off-trend.

The uniformity of deep saxony pile allows for the carpet to play a supporting role to your furniture. But this doesn’t mean that it looks nondescript and plain. Instead, this carpet serves as a foundation on which your stunning furnishings can be highlighted and enhanced. Deep saxony carpets deliver boundless individuality, whilst simultaneously complimenting a variety of types of interior décor. Whether you are looking to create a bold, formal aesthetic, or want your friends and family to feel instantly cosy, this carpet is a versatile choice which can suit a variety of needs.

Whilst the longevity of your flooring can vary from home to home, those who don’t wish to spend numerous hours on exhaustive cleaning are in safe hands when it comes to deep saxony carpets. Expensive cleaning equipment isn’t necessary to keep your carpets looking fresh. A quick once over with a vacuum every so often will do the trick. Maintaining your carpet has been made even less painful by the introduction of synthetic fabrics. Materials such as polypropylene have the added benefit of heightened stain resistance and soil retardance. Add to this impeccable durability, and you know that deep saxony carpets are built to last.

When shopping for flooring, homeowners everywhere are looking for that characteristic plushness that defines high-quality carpet. With the deep saxony style, your search is over! The densely woven pile and heavy face weight provides unparalleled softness and comfort underfoot. But this isn’t the only benefit that deep fibres bring to the table. The increased density of deep saxony carpets actually improve heat and sound insulation within your home. The gorgeous aesthetic of the surface pile is combined with practical utility. This makes deep saxony carpets a pragmatic choice for homeowners looking to cut down on their energy bills, or to reduce disturbances from the outside world.

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