Reasons To Consider A Wool Carpet For Your Home

A Wool carpet will enhance the appearance of any home. Carpets made from wool come in many different shapes and styles, and they provide some unique attributes. Wool has been used for centuries, and throughout the years it has been the first material choice of carpet makers. Wool carpets are both artistic and enduring, but they also have many additional qualities that one should consider when making a carpet purchase.

Many people are surprised to learn that wool carpets are by nature highly fire resistant. This is an important characteristic that lowers insurance rates. Wool has a low burn rate which means that it is hard to ignite and catches on fire. In fact, unless the fire is boiling, it may self-extinguish. This is in direct contrast to man-made products that often have high burn rates. A floor covered with a wool carpet is, therefore, at a large advantage when one considers the attribute of fire resistance that wool provides.

As much as it is possible for any material to be stain resistant we find that wool rugs have this quality naturally. To evaluate this statement just think about an old item of clothing that you may have made of wool, such as a wool sweater. How many times over the years while owning this shirt did it need dry cleaned? If you are like most people in this situation, the answer is likely infrequently. Nevertheless even without frequent cleaning didn’t it always manage to look fabulous regardless of spills and the average wear of day-to-day life? We are confident the answer to this is a positive one. It is beyond question an astounding fiber, and for a floor covering, you have to love this quality of wool.

Wool is a flooring fabric that is easily cleaned. This is one of the attractive attributes of wool, and one that you should consider when selecting an wool covering for your home. No one wants either the hassle or the expense of constantly having a carpet or rug professionally cleaned every other week for it to look good. This is where wool carpets truly stand out of the crowd compared to other material. Wool carpets and rugs are genuinely flexible and easy to clean, which is a fact that can be verified through many happy owners of wool carpets and rugs. We have seen in this article how wool carpets and rugs provide resistances for firing and stains. Now let us consider another highly beneficial strength and justification for picking wool as the floor covering for your home. In plain terms, wool is resistant to soiling.

All that it takes to keep a wool carpet or rug looking good is normally just a customary sweeping and vacuuming. Carpet cleaning experts recommend that if the carpet or rug is of a size that will permit, one should periodically take it outside, and hang it over something like a clothes line so that it could beat out with a broom or some other instrument for that purpose. Sweeping will keep the carpet looking fabulous, and the sweeping has an added element that brings out the sheen of the material, and the natural beauty of a wool rug. That is all that is necessary other than dealing with actual spills on the rugs. Stains on a wool rug can be acceptably treated with easily available products such as Woolite. As you can see, cleaning is not a complicated issue. Granted, you still may want it cleaned once or twice a year professionally, but that should normally be optional and dependent on the traffic on your wool rug.

The last attribute that we will want to discuss wool carpets and area rugs will very likely be one that you have never previously heard mentioned. Wool has been scientifically proven in both the laboratory and in the marketplace to minimize indoor air contaminants in a very significant way and to a high degree. It starts to work immediately after being installed in a home or business, and the effects can be measured, and they are astounding. Furthermore, this quality of wool carpets and rugs continues to improve air quality year after year and has demonstrated this ability up to 30 years after being placed in a home.

Wool carpets and area rugs can be found to accommodate almost any home decorating theme. They come in a broad and versatile range of shapes and designs. We all like variety in our life and with wool carpets and rugs you have a wide selection of range and beautiful floor coverings.